Marry Me in Destin


We address many questions and concerns on a daily basis. We hope you find this page helpful in answering your questions. If you do not see the information you are searching for, feel free to contact us or call or text me at (850) 380-1806.

1. How do I book my date with Marry Me In Destin?

Simply call or text me with the date and time of your planned special day. Call or text me at (850) 380-1806 or email me at We will then look at our bookings and get back to you.

All dates/time are reserved once deposit of half of the total price is received.

If paying deposit with credit card, date/time will be reserved immediately upon payment.

We also accept Paypal.

2. Is a beach permit required and are they included in our package?

Not all beaches require a permit; therefore, Marry Me In Destin does not include beach permits and it will solely be YOUR responsibility in obtaining any required permits.

3. Does Marry Me In Destin only set up at certain locations?

No, we can set up at the location of your choice. We can recommend locations to you. We know what beaches are free and which have best parking accommodations.

4. Does Marry Me In Destin obtain our marriage license for us?

No. You and your fiancé’ must visit a Florida Clerk of Court to obtain your license.

Non-FL residents will receive their license immediately and should bring that to the wedding and give to your Officiant.

You can obtain your marriage license at ANY clerk of court in the State of Florida. We will file at the county court house after the wedding and a certified copy will be mailed to you.

5. Does Marry Me In Destin only do beach weddings?

No. we can set up and provide services at any venue including banquet halls, gardens, homes, boats or in pavilions that you choose. Where ever you can get married, we can set up!

6. When is my final payment due? Can I make payments on my wedding?

After your initial deposit of half the total price is received then your date is reserved. You can make payments as you can afford to; however, it’s not required. Final payment is due no less than 7 days prior to your wedding date.

7. When booking with Marry Me In Destin, does this mean you are my wedding planner?

No. Ceremony and add-ons do not include a planner. We are not responsible for choosing your date, time, location or any other detail that would be considered “planning”. We provide only the services listed in our website and contract.

8. Do you provide a backup plan in the event bad weather threatens?

It is the responsibility of you to secure a backup plan for their wedding. We will accommodate our clients by setting up at a secondary location with enough notice, if weather is an issue. Marry Me In Destin will make the best effort to provide the services desired and will even allow you to move your date/time with enough notice and if available.


9. What if we have to reschedule and/or cancel?

Life happens and things change. Deposits are non-refundable, but we will reschedule within one year pending availability and apply your deposit towards your new date.